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zechs80 ([personal profile] zechs80) wrote2010-03-18 11:17 pm

Adam Beechen on Batman Beyond

Newsarama has an interview up of Adam Beechen talking about the new Batman Beyond mini he will write.

tag: char: batgirl/cassandra cain, creator: adam beechen, publisher: dc comics


Here's the link to the interview which I believe from what he says will take place after the JLU episode, not the actual series or Return of the Joker movie.

HOWEVER!!! His last words in the interview. Well:

Adam Beechen: Oh, and Cassandra Cain won't be appearing, so haters can relax.

I swear sometimes DC created these various corps just to fuel us with reaction images. I refuse to say anymore and just let the panel above speak my thoughts. Must remain calm. :P

For legality you're Cass moment of zen (scans not mine):